Björk review – wild, luscious pop in a real-life utopia

Eden Project, Cornwall
The fantastical mutations that have inspired the Icelandic singer’s new album come to life in a dreamy, spellbinding show

There is a lot of nature on Björk’s stage. It is a visual representation of the sampled sonic landscape of forest animals and snarling wild cats that underpins her most recent album, Utopia, and includes inflatable blooms, a wall of greenery and a golden orchid with a flautist hidden inside. The Eden Project, with its sci-fi biomes full of real plants from around the world, is probably the only venue on her tour that dwarfs her ambition to make a theatrical presentation out of the natural world. Björk may be dressed like a DayGlo insect, but Eden Project has a massive wasp. It’s a meeting of minds.

That includes her audience. This singular creature has attracted a gathering of peacocks in floral headdresses, some barefoot, faces ablaze with paint and glitter. One man wears a tricorn hat, although perhaps this is inspired by Poldark. On the same day as Pride events, a rainbow coalition stands very still before a stageful of shrubs, as if something unearthly is happening.

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Björk review – wild, luscious pop in a real-life utopia